Perfect Screen Ruler

Perfect Screen Ruler 3.0

Measures the length or angle of on-screen items
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Calculates the distance between two points on a captured image and measures the angle between three selected points. Identifies the color of a specified point and displays it in HTML, HSB or RGB formats.

Perfect Screen Ruler is a small but useful application that allows you to capture an active window of your screen and perform three different actions. First, you can measure two points of the captured image, the initial and final points are marked by a rectangle and the result is measured in pixels. You can also measure different shapes at the same time. You can obtain the color code of a certain point of the captured image in HTML, RGB HEX, and HSB formats. You can also measure the angle of three selected points of the captured image. For both ruler and angle options, the program includes a history frame of the selected points. Only in the Ruler option you are able to export the history frame to an HTML table.

One advantage of the program is that you don't have to work outside the program, you just have to go to the active window you wish to work with, and the rest is done inside the program. Some other useful functions you can use are the "Screen Map" feature that allows you to quickly move to a specific place of the captured image, and the "Zoom" feature that allows you to enlarge the captured image in order to obtain more accurate measures.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • You can zoom in to obtain more precise measures
  • You can measure different shapes at the same time


  • Distance is only measured in pixels
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